Who Can Join?

Who can be a Member (with voting rights)

  • The named person (or persons) on the Parish Council lease for the stated plot provided they are 18+
  • Fee: £5 per year

Who can be an Associate Member (without voting rights)

  • Relatives or friends (over 18) of the plotholder who help to maintain the plot
  • Fee: FREE
Who can be a Junior Member (without voting rights)
  • Anyone under 18 helping to maintain a plot
  • Fee: FREE

How to join

Please email John at jsdavis30@hotmail.com or download a membership form by clicking on the following: Watery_Lane_Association_Membership_Form_2016   It can be handed to any committee member together with you fee. Payment can be made by cash or cheque (made payable to Watery Lane Allotment Association).