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Plot Inspections

In accordance with the conditions of the lease, plot inspections will be carried out in late March to early April, late May to early June and late September to early October depending on seasonal conditions. The inspections will be carried out by members of the Allotment Association, possibly with assistance of a Parish Council representative if determined necessary by the Parish Clerk.

If you would like to read the full copy of the Plot Inspections document please click on the following: Plot Inspections .

A summary is given below:


  1. To identify those plots not being cultivated;
  2. To identify those plots that are not wanted;
  3. To identify those plots in temporary neglect. 


  1. Is the plot free from perennial or annual weeds that have the potential to cause problems for other plot holders?
  2. Where annual weeds are seen, do the appear to be temporary?
  3. Is the plot free from rubbish and kept tidy?
  4. Is the use of any sheeting temporary?
  5. Does the majority of the plot show signs of cultivation?
  6. Are all paths and any boundary fences well maintained?
  7. Is there evidence of the misuse of hosepipes?
  8. Is there evidence that the ban on livestock or bringing dogs on site is not being observed?  

Anyone having concerns about the criteria or the carrying out of the checks should first read the complete document for a fuller explanation and then, if their concerns are not answered, refer them to the Parish Council in the first instance.


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