Useful Contacts

The following contacts may be helpful in making the most of your plot:

Farmyard Manure    Telephone Sam on  01902 845098

Timber   Need timber for path edges, boundaries etc.? Weston Saw Mills – Opposite ‘old’ main entrance to Weston Gardens on A5. They can/will cut to order (or to fit your vehicle) at point of sale. Also sell nails and other hardware, finished benches, gates, etc. bagged composts and aggregates, and have a small nursery.

Alternative source is TFM (stores at Penkridge and Bridgnorth· 
Gailey Pallets –On A5 almost opposite Dobies Garden Centre A5 exit/entrance. They sell used pallet planks and rails (4x2 nom) from 60 – 65 p per 2 metre (nominal) length.
Council Green Waste Compost
  Wonder where your green refuse bin is processed?
The answer is Coven Hall Lane, Pendeford where, providing you supply own bags and transport, you can ‘help yourself’ for free to the finished compost. This is an excellent soil conditioner especially for those on clay. Entrance is found on right hand side of road just after crossing M54 travelling towards Coven. Check site for opening times
plants, produce and sundries
  Can often be found on the pallet close to the gate. All plot holders are both encouraged to leave surplus here, or to take what they need.